Call of Duty Online

For once, the attempt to expand is bringing benefits to the customers. Due to the banning of gaming consoles in China, Activision has decided to come up with a clever way to route the Chinese government, and spread its influence to Chinese gamers. Call of Duty online will be a Free to Play online First Person Shooter.

That’s right, you read correctly. It will be free to play.

Even though playing the game itself is free, gamers will have to dish out cash in game if they want to buy perks and weapon classes, but it is a small price to play for the potential of dominating the internet as the best CoD Online shooter. With the game being free to play, Activision will still need a way to pay for running its servers without sacrificing their ‘noble’ cause.

In a Game Rant article, they assure gamers that the online version won’t be too different from the multi-player modes on other Call of Duty titles.

Judging by these screen shots, players will still need a decent computer to play the games, as the graphics are not sacrificed for the online gaming experience.

For the original Gamerant article, click here.


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