Film Preview: The Prototype

Little and less is known about the upcoming film, Prototype. While a trailer has been released, actual information on the film is sparse (even the IMDB article is lacking); most of the information about the film comes from the trailer itself. What we can gather that this is a film written and directed by Andrew Will. Andrew Will? I have never heard of him either, however he has been involved with several major productions (mostly as an assistant of some sort), most notably Star Trek and Beowulf.

Now it seems that this man wants to take up the lime light by creating his own SciFi flick. I love Scifi movies just as much as the next nerd (the tackier the better), but I know that they aren’t exactly blockbuster quality. With that being said, this trailer gives the film a far more professional look than the average run-of-the-mill Scifi movie.

The trailer reveals that a scientist, Alex Maxwell (Joseph Mawle), has come up with a breakthrough in the world of robotics, allowing for the cybernetic enhancement of human beings. It is further revealed that this development was made with the intention to help cure someone’s malignant tumor (I am going to assume that it is Maxwell’s judging by the sickly look that hangs about  him). Anyway, one thing leads to another, and when the government gets word of this new development in robotic technology, which results in a raid on Maxwell’s lab and the genius going missing.

Fast forward an undisclosed amount of time, reports of a government drone gone missing lead to a manhunt. The drone, who is later revealed to be Maxwell, sports armor similar to the nanosuit from the Crysis games, though his helmet is not as stylish. Maxwell is clearly on the run from the authorities, though as to what his greater intentions are, nothing is said.

The trailer shows a few kick ass fighting scenes as well as some of the cool perks of the armor, which leads me to wonder if this film is some sort of precursor to the Crysis game story. I like what I saw in the preview, and personally believe that this film has some promise. It won’t be a huge hit in the box office unless they suddenly amp up the advertising, but it is still a movie worth having in a DVD collection.

The film is scheduled to come out some time in 2013, but whether it will be a scifi T.V. Movie, or an actual block buster film has yet to be seen. Check the trailer out yourself and leave your opinion in the comment section.


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