I never heard of these games until finding it on http://www.thegogblog.com It looks pretty interesting

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Feels like it has been months since I played through the first episode of TellTale Games ‘The Walking Dead’. And indeed it had been. Just over 2 months in fact.

TellTale Games made a promise of releasing each episode monthly and failed to deliver at the first attempt. Apparently this episode had an awful lot of bugs that needed ironing out which pushed back the release date. Thankfully none of these bugs seem present here. Also, what became  frustrating for gamers like myself was that  the PS3 Version didn’t appear on PSN until 6 days after it was released on XBOX and PC. Oh how they teased us.

All of that seems irrelevant now when it became available on PSN yesterday evening.

And boy was it well worth the wait..

It’s impossible to talk about this game without mentioning the story. I will do my…

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