New James Bond Film: SKYFALL

The name is Bond…James Bond

The third James Bond starring Daniel Craig is in post-production and scheduled to be released in IMAX and theaters on November 8th of this year. In this installment, titled Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is put to the test, as MI-6 is under attack. It is Bond’s job to locate and neutralize the threat as M’s past comes back to haunt her.

The preview shows us that there will be no lack of gratuitous violence in this chapter of the 007 saga. Violence has become more and more rampant since Daniel Craig took up the role as Bond. Some attribute this to the nature of his character, as he is a younger, more volatile Bond, however I attribute the increased violence to movie viewers today, who seem to lose interest in spy films if there is not a great deal of blood shed.

While Craig’s Bond has brought a new feel to the 007 series, we still see familiar faces and trends such as the appearance of Judi Dench as M and the old faithful Aston Martin. How many more times will M be in the series I wonder? Either way, Skyfall looks to be a promising cinematic experience, albeit one that would will probably have a whole lot of ‘teeth-kicking’ action, and probably not a whole lot of subtle seductive spy moments.

Check out the Skyfall website for photos and clips from the film, and get ready for the return of James Bond this November.


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2 thoughts on “New James Bond Film: SKYFALL

  1. While I have only seen Casino Royal (Quantum of Solace never worked its way into my hands), I was not too bothered by it as a movie. I myself love the occasional bursts of violence, however I didn’t like the direction that the movie took with a young loose canon Bond, especially not when there were 10+ movies preceding him with the classic bond suave killer persona.

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