Dredd (2012) Judge Dredd Remake

Now here is a topic that everyone (nerds and non-nerds alike) love to speak about. Remakes/Reboots.

Today we will be talking about a reboot of the Judge Dredd. The original Judge Dredd movie was released in 1995, based upon a strip from the British comic 2000 AD, starring Silvester Stalone, who portrays Judge Dredd, a futuristic super cop who is a part of the Hall of Justice. As a ‘Judge’, Dredd exercises the authority of Judge, Jury and Executioner, settling matters of futuristic crime in one felled swoop. With such a cool concept for the comic strip, it seemed only natural that some ambitious Hollywood suit would want to make a movie out of it.

Unfortunately for him and us, the movie was an atrocity. I am a huge lover of Scifi and their movies, yet even so, Judge Dredd was painful to watch. The combination of bad acting and terrible writing made the movie almost impossible to take seriously. I read somewhere that the movie was attempting to be both a hardcore, gory, gritty action film, and a parody of one. Some points of the movie definitely made people pause it and ask themselves why the hell they were watching this film. With such a weak film as the foundation for a franchise, it is understandable why a reboot is in the works seventeen years later.

This is a reboot, not a remake, meaning that the plot from the first film is entirely scrapped. Now the remake revolves around taking down a drug syndicate in Mega City.

With this reboot, Karl Urban replaces Sylvester Stallone as Dredd, and he must now take down a new foe. A new drug, named SLO-MO is spreading through Megacity. Produced and pushed by an organization run by Madeline ‘Ma-Ma’ Madrigal (Lena Headey), Dredd is ordered to eliminate Ma-Ma and stop the production and distribution of this dangerous narcotic.

This movie has some promise, as CGI and Set-design technology has come a long way since 1995, meaning that a beautiful and realistic future city can be portrayed, however I have some reservations about the cast, particularly with Karl Urban. I am a fan of Lena Headey, who is in other great works such as 300 and Game of Thrones, yet Karl Urban has failed to impress me in his movies (Doom, Priest, etc). Sure, he makes for a solid secondary actor as he has proved in films like the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Riddick, but as the main character, I am worried that me screw up Dredd’s portrayal. Yet there is hope, as it seems he has the Dredd scowl perfected; lets hope he has more than just the scowl.

Hopefully the producers will go right with this one, and keep the ominous climate that hovers around Judge Dredd present within the film, rather than disrupting it with some ridiculous comic relief moments spawned by a silly sidekick (Yes Rob Schneider, I mean you).

From the preview, we can see that the film has promise to be impressive in visual terms, however will it be a block buster movie? This has yet to be seen, and won’t be seen until the movie’s release, in September 21, 2012. Can Karl Urban portray Dredd with just the right amount of badass bravado? Will Lena Headey steal the show?

All of these questions are what will be waiting for Dredd when it is released in theaters, though perhaps the best question to ask would be “Can this movie do what its predecessor failed to do?”.


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